Academy status – what does it mean?

Academy status removes the school from the local authority control. Academies are, in effect, public funded independent state schools.

  • Funding is still in line with the formula adopted by the local authority for the schools within its boundaries. Academies receive some of the funding previously retained by the local authority for central functions and services. This amount differs substantially across different local authorities.
  • Academies have more responsibility, particularly for teaching, budgets, staffing and estates/property.
  • Academies receive their funding directly from the government and can buy services from a range of providers (eg music, legal, payroll).
  • Academies can choose to vary the National Curriculum, the length and dates of terms, the name of the institution, and the pay and conditions of staff.
  • An academy becomes its own admissions authority (though it must still follow the local authority policy).

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